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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I just cant keep up!

Ok! This one is for Kelly! I have stuff to post I just have to find the time. I have been busy with work stuff! I started a new college class to add Reading specialist to my certificate. I also been getting grades done to put in the computer tomorrow! For all of ya'll that know about what has been going on at school...we are finally having a hearing next week! Yeah! Im very nervous but hopeful. I will get Trey's birthday and stuff posted this weekend hopefully.


Blogger Ashlie said...

Hey, don't feel bad about not blogging! It shouldn't feel like an obligation, or you'll get fed up. Just remember that it's YOUR blog and you only have to write on it if you want to. But, still, we can't wait to hear more! Ha!

March 16, 2008 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Good luck with the hearing. I hope he gets the help he needs, and you get a class that you can actually work with. Let us know what happens.

March 16, 2008 at 8:43 PM  
Blogger canscrap4u2 said...

So glad to hear from you! didn't mean to guilt you into blogging...I just dont' get to talk to you much, except small group, and I was looking forward to reading what goes on with you...I'll read whenever you post but I won't ask anymore.nope won't even mention it. :-)

March 16, 2008 at 9:36 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Don't feel bad Courtney! You have a full plate for sure. Blogging isn't fun if it's pressure...just update when you can!

Good luck with the college class...I'm pretty sure I'm going back to school this fall to get my teacher's cert! Eek!!

March 17, 2008 at 6:53 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hey Courtney...just wanted to tell you I made your mexican chicken casserole with Doritos in it tonight and it was a huge hit with my family. :)

March 31, 2008 at 7:43 PM  
Blogger sandflea said...


I can't believe Trey is on skates...OMG! I wished I lived closer to give you some help. I pray to get to see you both this summer.

Love you,
Aunt Jane

April 13, 2008 at 12:40 PM  

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